Marx’s ‘Capital’ and Our Tasks

Marx’s Capital and Our Tasks

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Marx divided his study into different interconnected parts. Volume 1 of the process of the production of capital, volume 2 of the process of its circulation and volume 3 of capitalist production as a whole which brings the two into synthesis. Marx’s study was left unfinished at his death. He planned further volumes on classes and the state, foreign trade and the world market, and crises of the capital order.

The emergence, development and domination of capital is the foundation out of, and on, which the class relations of capitalist society develop and the state power becomes that of capital. i.e. the state power becomes the organised political power of capital.

The capital order expands out of its ‘homelands’ and becomes established as a global order; so-called ‘globalisation’. In the course of this process, foreign trade and the world market develop which leads necessarily onwards towards the structural crisis of the global capital order.

Our response must be towards working for the formation of the necessary form of revolutionary agency which can actually commence the process of restructuring the socio-economic metabolism beyond the capital relation itself. That is, to commence the process of removing the capital relation itself from human society by making inroads into this domination by capital.

But the commencement of this process will raise the opposition of the state power of capital itself. Implicit in this opposition is the dissolution of that state power in order for the historical horizon to be fully opened up, fully unhindered, so that this process of restructuring of society’s landscape can be completed, fully consummated, by the necessary and evolving forms of revolutionary agency.

Completing the historic task of eliminating capital from the social metabolism as whole on a global scale means that world perspectives and strategies will have to be developed as the situation unfolds and demands their elaboration, i.e. the actual unfolding of the crisis-process itself will necessitate the initiation and development of these global perspectives and strategies.


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